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Submitting Your Web Site

There are many different ways to submit your web site, and there are countless different resources to submit to. The best advice I can give you is to not submit your web site in vain and never over submit your web site.

Submitting a web site in vain is the act of submitting a web site that is not optimized, or does not have proper Meta tags, or is not finished. Over submitting a web site is carried out daily by so called submission companies and owners/operators of web sites that tend to think that monthly submission or submitting every single page is the proper way to generate traffic. It is not, and can damage your chances of getting good search engine traffic by having penalties brought against your web site.

You do not have to submit your web site every month, do not let anyone tell you anything different. www.bearzweb.com has not been submitted to the search engines or directories since 1998, it has not hurt web site traffic or its popularity.

If your web site gets banned or dropped in rank it will take time to get those penalties taken care of. In the time it will take for those penalties to subside, if they ever do, your site could have been building its popularity instead of sitting with penalties attached to it.

So be responsible in your site submission practices and who you hire to submit it.

When it comes down to it your web site will be held accountable.

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