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"About how much will a web site cost? "
"What are your prices to design a web site?"

We are asked these questions constantly, but it cannot be answered effectively unless you are more specific about your needs.

  • How many web pages do you think you will need?
  • Do you have your content written and images already, are the images already digitized?
  • Are you planning on selling products from your web site, or is this an informational web site only? Will you need a shopping cart configured (assuming you already have the software)?

In order to quote you a fair price, you need to supply as much information as you can about your web design project.

We do not have set prices for web design services unlike some web designers, every web site we design is created exclusively for that particular client so that every customer is guaranteed to have their OWN web site, it would be impossible to have set prices. Every design client will not require the same services, some will need e-commerce, some will want a informational site others may want an online photo album or resume. Bearz WebWorks does not charge you for how many words, how many links or how many images per page, and we do not charge by the hour.

Explain what you need in as much detail as possible, and we will quote you a price for the project, if you have seen other sites that you like send those URL’s, along with your correspondence.

"Well how is that fair to me?"
Design requirements are different for each client and for each design project.

You will not be charged the same amount for a simple design project as you would be charged for a more complex one. Whenever you accept a set price for web design services, you are more than likely paying the industry standard or sometimes more. If you only require a basic layout, a few pages of text, and a couple of images, is it fair to have to pay the same amount as someone who needs scripting, complex imagery, and dynamically driven web pages?

You should always request a quote for your particular design project.

All price quotes include forms, images and their manipulation, links, Meta tag optimization for your web pages, and free site submission once the web design project is completed. No extra charges will be tagged onto any project once a price is agreed upon.

If your web design project needs more than 20 web pages we can work out a package deal of one set price for the whole job so you can still save money.

If you need content written for your web pages, then there will be an additional fee for those services.

We do not offer flash, data base programming, web hosting, or domain registration. Offering some of those services would take the affordability out of our design services.

But we can assist you in acquiring a dependable web host, good Flash designer and programmer for your database needs as well as assist you in your domain registration if needed.

To date we have not had one unhappy customer or had to refund any payments for any of the services offered by Bearz WebWorks.

Contact us or use the free design quote form remember to fill in as much of your information as you can (the more information the better) and we will send you a cost estimate for your project that will not cost you anything.

You are not obligated in any way to purchase any design services when you contact Bearz WebWorks about your design project.






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