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Here is an example of building a good promotion foundation for your web site:

Say I want to develop a web site about my iguana, his name is Iggy.

Everyone say hi to Iggy.

Now, my iguana web site really does not have to be popular because it is a personal web site but I want traffic to it anyway. What is the use of creating a web site if no one visits?

I research everything I can about the care, feeding, and maintenance of keeping a happy iguana. I create informative web pages based on my own experiences and what I have researched about the care, feeding and general upkeep of iguanas.

I develop keyphrases relevant to my web site that I want to target in the search engines, 2-3 words is best. It is nearly impossible to target single keywords unless those words are unpopular.

(This is an old trick used by unethical web promoters. They will supposedly submit and optimize web sites and then show their clients top search engine rankings for keywords that are relevant to the clients web site only or for search terms that are not actively being used to search with.)

I create my web pages around those keyphrases, ensuring that they are used throughout the main body of my web pages and in the titles and description of the web pages. Every web page has its own unique mixture of words so I create the titles, descriptions, and keyphrases to emphasize that. There is really no need to include my business name or web site URL into the titles because who is going to recognize Iguana Paradise, Inc. or www.iguanaparadise.com. I want to utilize that title space for titles that contain the keyphrases I am trying to target.

I want to use no more than 80 characters for a good title that targets my keyphrases; same with the page description. I want to place my keyphrases into the creation of the description tag but I have to make sure the description and titles are descriptive as well as optimized.

I must also be sure of the overall theme of my entire web site. It cannot be about pets and pet care and then change to how to make money online, I have to retain the focus of iguanas and pets or pet care.

I include as much accurate content as I possibly can. If your content is not accurate, you will lose your credibility as a resource (always be sure of your information before you publish it).

This is where this form of promotion really starts to get productive. Even if I get a trickle of search engine traffic, other site owners also like my information; they have pet sites or iguana sites of their own so they link to my web site because their visitors will enjoy the information as well. Since the latest promotion trend is external links and these links have an effect on your search engine rank, everyone wants to swap links. I create a links page but that is just the beginning. Once I have about 50 link exchanges, I turn the page into a categorized directory that has visibility through my entire web site.

My link partners are benefiting from my site traffic and now I do not even have to ask for exchanges, they come to me! The more popularity my web site acquires, the more traffic that I have access to so now I can sell pet products, ad space, or whatever else I have in mind.

Your first step is to develop these basics. The text on your web pages is the most important element to search engine traffic; content filled web pages with accurate information will also have an effect on other web sites linking to you because of the information you are providing and the content explains your products or services to your visitors. The more places your link shows up, the larger area you have available to get your message and products to.

I have spent absolutely nothing but time on this part of my web site promotion so I am already ahead of the game.

If things go well and some funds come in, I can also put money into pay-per-click and pay-per-listing search engines/directories to further promote my web site.

Remember that you can basically sell anything on a web site that is popular. Affiliate links, ad space, services, or products do well on popular web sites.

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