How To Get The Most Results From The Best Prohormone Stack

Are you wondering how to get the most results from the best prohormone stack possible? Well, you aren’t the only one. Prohormones do work and they create the same body effects as anabolic steroids with minimal side-effects. However, even the best prohormone stack has to be used the right way to create the best effects. Most users don’t know this and they end up feeling severely disappointed when they don’t get the expected results.

So what do you do?
To prevent any disappointment, you can start by following these few tips that we’ve collected from online sources. Make sure you eat well and workout as well to ensure optimum results.

Training -Training is essential irrespective of prohormone stack that you are considering to use. However, we do not recommend you do start working out if you have never worked out before. In fact, for the first one month of your stack ( especially if you are doing a stack for the first time) try not to work out. However, continue working out if you have been doing it consistently. Reduce your cardiovascular routine and ensure that you workout consistently to gain weight overall.
Alcohol – Drinking is a strict no-no while using a prohormone cycle. You should know that prohormones are toxic on the liver and adding alcohol to your routine can increase the load on your liver. Its a far better idea to cut down completely on your alcohol intake so that your liver is protected. Another problem with alcohol consumption is that it interferes with protein synthesis. As a result, increased alcohol consumption will lower your protein gain and negate all the hard-work you’ve put in with diet and exercise.
Choose the ingestion method correctly – Almost all prohormones are provided as oral tablets. However, for your first cycle, try to use injectable hormones as they work faster. Moreover, if you are happy with the first cycle, you don’t have to start another cycle at all.
Post-cycle therapy – Irrespective of the stack you are using, make sure you use the right post-cycle therapy to reduce the side-effects of stack use. Good companies usually have their own stacks and post-cycle therapy supplements that they supply as a matched set. This is good as it ensures that your health is protected.
Age – Try to avoid taking prohormones before the age of 21 as it affects your health and interferes with the normal hormone balance in the body.
Diet – A balanced diet is essential for maximum weight gain. For example, experts recommend taking at least 1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight to ensure maximum weight gain. For some people, 2-2.5gms of protein per pound body weight is also completely fine.
Protect your liver – As we’ve already said, your liver does get damaged slightly while using prohormones. Liver protective medications like milk thistle, taurine, green tea extract, lecithin, and ALA are perfect to ensure that the liver is protected and in perfect condition.

We hope that these few tips have helped you out in building the body you want for competitions. Try to stick to lower doses if you are doing this for the first time and ensure that you are careful with your health. With the right stack, right diet, and workout routine, you will see results almost immediately.